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Want to learn about Real Estate Investing from someone who has actually been there and done it? I’m Todd Bockman, and I’ve been a Real Estate Investor for more than two decades. I love teaching others how to get started in this awesome business.

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1. What does it take to get started?

Ever wondered what it is about investors that sets them apart?

2. Basics of Real Estate Investing

If you want to Succeed as an Investor, you have to Master the Basics.

3. Income Producing Properties

Don’t just make money, learn how to create long-lasting Wealth!

4. Profit with Fixer-Upper Properties

Find the Thousands of Opportunities right under your nose in every City.

5. Wholesale “Flipping” Deals

Best way to get started – Generate cash without money or credit!

Learn from Success

Benefit from over 22+ years of experience. You’ll discover how to get started, negotiation, raise private funding, mindset & more.

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Todd’s Background

Find out how Todd got started in Real Estate Investments and began a life of success in the Real Estate Market.

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Wealthy Living

What do you do with your wealth once you achieve it? These ideas will inspire you to dream about your future of success.

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Frequent Questions

Want to learn more about Millionaire Coaching™ and investing in Real Estate? See our Frequently Asked Questions.

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  •     “I really appreciate your open and honest approach to coaching real estate principals and techniques.”   –Shawn W., Ontario, Canada  

  •   Todd freely gave advice and encouragement and appeared to be very experienced. I visited his site and was intrigued by his breakdown of deals he had done, coaching programs, and his money back guarantee. Todd fine tuned a deal I was working on by coaching me on how to present a deal to a seller and I closed a no down deal that has a potential of $20K in it when sold.   –Mike M., Millionaire Coaching Client

  •     “I really liked how you cut through the BS of it all with regard to actually investing.”   –Val K., New York City, USA  

  • Todd has the uncanny ability to get through all the clutter and focus on what "needs to be done." Always looking forward and never accepting anything as a rule, Todd gets things moving and people "unstuck." While developing his Television show and working with him on company objectives, things continue to move and there is no doubt in my mind that if you want a creative problem solver, Todd would be your guy. He is a true visionary with expertise and life experience. And a good friend!   –Frank Miniaci, CEO/Executive Producer, Fastlane Entertainment