Are You a Player, or a Spectator?

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Yup! That’s me, hitting one off (What? You think I work all the time?, LOL!).

I do take time to stop and enjoy life a bit, what’s the point in succeeding if you don’t enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Much has been happening the past year in the real estate and lending markets. Foreclosures are at record highs … banks and big lenders and going bankrupt … yet, did you know that during all this many people are sitting out, while many others are making a fortune?

I often see so many people who don’t like to get into something when things are bad. They think the time to get into something, is when it’s good. This is the thinking of the poor. The Wealth think (and know), that the opposite is true. When prices are at a low, that’s the time to get into it. Of course, the reason prices are low, is because things are bad. But that’s when fortunes are made. Prices (especially in real estate), inevitably go up. It’s the market cycle.

Now is one of – if not the – best time to get into real estate investing. Incredible fortunes will be made.

The reason most people don’t get into real estate when the market is bad can be summed up in one word …. fear. They fear losing money, they fear making a mistake. Fear, however, will keep you poor. Now, I’m not saying be fearless, and many people associate that with being bold and taking risk. You can take well-planned out and calculated risk, and become wealthy.

Learn from those that have been there, read their books, join clubs, seek out those that can assist you in creating your own wealth. The most important thing is, DO SOMETHING!!!!!! Take actions towards what you want. It’s the players who enjoy the thrill and spoils of the game, not the spectators.

Start being a player, not a spectator.

Happy Investing!



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For more than two decades, Todd Bockman has been an entrepreneur with a wide variety of experience in various businesses from Government Refund Programs, Network Marketing, Government Auctions, and Mail Order, to Internet Marketing. In 1990 Todd found his niche in Real Estate Investing and since then has worked in virtually all areas of investing such as Rentals, Property Management, Lease Options, Foreclosures, REO Bank-Owned Properties, Rehabs, Tax Sales, Wholesaling, and Development.