Expect the Unexpected …

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Being a real estate investor, isn’t without it’s challenges. As I was reminded of last night.

So, it’s 11:30pm, and I get a call from the Police that one of the properties has been broken into, and they need me to come to secure the property and give a statement.

Arrrggghhhh …. there goes the night. So I drive 30 minutes to the property, and find that some people kicked in the french doors and stole the stainless steel refrigerator and stove we had in there. They had also cut the ice maker water line to the refrigerator, and water was all over the floor throughout the house from the water running. What fun.

Well, fortunately, the police had a lead from a neighbor who got the license number of the truck they were using. The police caught them. Well, that was not the end of it. Because now they needed evidence and photos. But the police photographer was busy elsewhere, so we had to wait …. and wait …. and wait some more.

Finally, the police want me to go over to the residence where they think the appliances were to identify them. So I went along, and it was them. Then, they had a truck bring them back over to the property. Well, that was all they did, drop them off – in the driveway. So the officer and myself had to carry them by hand back into the property to secure them. More fun.

Then, we had to wait more for the police photographer to show up, and they had to collect evidence. Finally, about 5am, they showed up. 10 minutes, they were done. I ended up spending the entire evening there and got home about 5:30am. Good thing I don’t work a regular job.

So, did I let this upset me? No! It’s not worth my time. I discovered a long time ago, that it does no good to get upset over unimportant things. The event happened, and getting upset over it isn’t going to change the outcome. So I stayed calm, and focused on the solution. Problem solved.

One thing you can be sure of as a real estate investor, and that is to …. Expect the Unexpected!

Happy Investing!



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For more than two decades, Todd Bockman has been an entrepreneur with a wide variety of experience in various businesses from Government Refund Programs, Network Marketing, Government Auctions, and Mail Order, to Internet Marketing. In 1990 Todd found his niche in Real Estate Investing and since then has worked in virtually all areas of investing such as Rentals, Property Management, Lease Options, Foreclosures, REO Bank-Owned Properties, Rehabs, Tax Sales, Wholesaling, and Development.