What good is achieving success, unless you can do some of the things you love doing. For me, it’s traveling. I absolutely love to travel, to explore new places, and experience new cultures (and foods). Below are some pics from some of my travels over the years. Just click on the pics to go to that travel gallery.


Here are a few more houses I wanted to throw in. It would be impossible for me to try to include everything in here. Again, this represents just average, small deals that are representative of the kinds of deals that someone fairly new to real estate investing could do. These are not million dollar deals, just average starter size deals.


Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a seminar junkie. But I don’t go just for the sake of attending, I go because I know the value that learning has on your success. Below are some pics from some of the seminars I have attended over the years, as well as some seminars I have conducted, along with some of the friends I have made.


If you’re going to be a true real estate investor, you have to learn about rehabs. Here are some pics of the down and dirty side of this business that you don’t often get in the glitzy real estate investment seminar. Some parts of this business are not glamourous, but it sure pays good.


Here are a few more checks for you to look over just to show you that I am still actively investing. These checks are not in any particular order, I just grabbed some copies to throw in here. These represent average-priced, single-family homes deals that are within the range of what my clients start out doing. These are not from any complicated deals, or high priced homes. Just average to lower priced homes that anyone can do.