Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a country rich in culture, and some call it the shopping capital of the world. I was fortunate to have made one of my trips there during the Chinese New Year, and got to see one of the best fireworks displays in the World.


Just off the coast of Singapore is a small Indonesian resort island called Bintan. Primarily a tourist attraction, it host many resorts and is a popular destination for many from Singapore, Malaysia, and elsewhere.


The Rising Sun of the East. Japan is rich in culture, and a very pleasant place to visit. The people there are very polite and wonderful to visitors. It can be quite a challenge visiting there however if you do not have a local guide or speak Japanese, not many english speakers there, but it is well worth the visit.


While Malaysia is primarily a Muslim country, they are not the radical Muslims that one often hears about since 9/11. Very nice people there. Kuala Lumpur is home to the World’s tallest twins towers (since 9/11), the Petronas Towers.


I go to Singapore quite often. I have a lot of friends and business associates there. A culturally diverse country, Singapore is a mix of Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian cultures. Lots of great food there, and an exceptionally clean country. English is a first Language.