United States

Here are some of my travels around the U.S. I love exploring the diversity our wonderful country has to offer and learning about the different areas and cultures in this great land of ours. I have been to just about every state in the USA, so look for more pics to come. I sure enjoyed the travels, and I hope you enjoy the pics as well.


What good is achieving success, unless you can do some of the things you love doing. For me, it’s traveling. I absolutely love to travel, to explore new places, and experience new cultures (and foods). Below are some pics from some of my travels over the years. Just click on the pics to go to that travel gallery. The number you see below the name of the country is the number of times I have visited there.


Europe holds a unique fascination for me, afterall, as an American it’s the history of where my family came from. So to finally be able to travel there has been such a treat. I really enjoy seeing all the vast history that Europe has to offer, as well as it’s diversity, cultures, and all the wonderful and fantastic food that has come from there.