Happy Birthday to Me!!

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Yup! That’s me, on my 1st birthday (I’ve always been a happy guy). Well, it’s that time of year again. I’ve got a birthday coming up next week (no, I’m not saying exactly what day, or how old – young – I am going to be).

Once you hit a certain age – uh hummm – birthday’s kind of become just another day. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy celebrating them, seeing friends, having a great dinner, and yes, even a cake (hey, I’m not that old, I still like cake on my birthday).

To be honest, it’s seems the “older” I get chronologically, the younger I feel. I’m enjoying life more, and I think with age comes wisdom, and more memories to reflect on that make the current new moments that much more special.

They say that age is all in your head – and I believe they’re right. You are only as old as you feel, or more importantly, “think” you feel. For me, I think I’ll feel great. That’s my choice.

Happy Investing!



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For more than two decades, Todd Bockman has been an entrepreneur with a wide variety of experience in various businesses from Government Refund Programs, Network Marketing, Government Auctions, and Mail Order, to Internet Marketing. In 1990 Todd found his niche in Real Estate Investing and since then has worked in virtually all areas of investing such as Rentals, Property Management, Lease Options, Foreclosures, REO Bank-Owned Properties, Rehabs, Tax Sales, Wholesaling, and Development.