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It’s December, a time for Holiday cheer, good will towards men, eggnog, and presents. But if you’re a real estate investor, it can also be the slowest and most boring time of the year for your business.

Often I may get a couple good weeks out of the beginning of December to wrap up some things, but after the middle of the month, you may as well forget it until the first of the new year. After the 15th or 20th, many of your sellers, and investors don’t want to do anything except get ready for the Holidays. When it comes to Attorney’s and Title Companies? You might as well forget them too. Most will be taking off for the entire Holidays, often being out until the beginning week in January. So the Holiday season can pretty much bring your real estate investing business to a complete stand still.

After the first of the year, things tend to really kick into gear. Everyone is back from the Holiday vacations, rested and re-energized. Many people’s New Year’s Resolution is to make more money, so investors are anxious to get back into things and get their money working for them.

So if you are already an investor, or looking to get into things, keep in mind that December can be one of your slowest months of the year, but come January, get ready to rock and roll back into things, and start creating another fortune for the New Year.

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For more than two decades, Todd Bockman has been an entrepreneur with a wide variety of experience in various businesses from Government Refund Programs, Network Marketing, Government Auctions, and Mail Order, to Internet Marketing. In 1990 Todd found his niche in Real Estate Investing and since then has worked in virtually all areas of investing such as Rentals, Property Management, Lease Options, Foreclosures, REO Bank-Owned Properties, Rehabs, Tax Sales, Wholesaling, and Development.

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