Mastermind Coaching



SUPER AFFORDABLE:  This monthly Mastermind Coaching Group is the place to be if you are serious about getting into or expanding your existing real estate investing career. Meet and network with Todd and other investors through interaction in weekly educational webinars where Todd will teach you how he went from dropping out of College to making a 6-figure monthly cashflow in just 18 months – to making Millions a year, and how you too can make money in this business. Post questions on the forum/message boards and get answers from Todd and other investors. Place classified ads looking for partners, investors, or deals. Get postings and videos of tips, strategies, and insider information. This is the place to be if you want to know the inside tips, strategies, and tactics being used by investors today.

Mastermind groups are proven to dramatically increase your Success and Wealth Building in any career in a much shorter time frame. Identified by Napoleon Hill of “Think & Grow Rich” fame as the Key element that made successful people successful, these Masterminds are essential for those who take creating wealth seriously. Led by Success – Todd is a Master as showing you how to get what you want, and achieve your dreams in as short a time as possible with maximum results. This Mastermind group will provide you with the most economically affordable form of “Coaching” that you will find anywhere …

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The ELITE Mastermind Group. Strictly Limited to only 50 people, this Mastermind Coaching Group is only for those who take their Success very seriously and want to go beyond just merely making some money – to building incredible Financial Wealth in as short a time as possible.

This special group of Masterminders will have all of the benefits of the Gold Mastermind – weekly educational webinars, classifieds, forum networking, message boards – plus they will have their own special forum section reserved only for Platinum members where they can ask questions pertaining to trainings and interact with other Platinum Members, as well as the chance to interact with Todd there. Monthly Coaching Q & A Calls with Todd. In addition Platinum Members will get access to all of the available trainings in the online training section.


Every week Platinum Members will get 2 to 3 class modules available to them on the Members-Only site – where they will be able to study and review as often as they like – all of the courses in sequence. Starting with the “Real Estate Investor – Basics” module, they will go through each week of the training. Once completed, they will start on the next training (Real Estate Investor – Intermediate), and so on.

Platinum membership offers Members an affordable way to “pay-as-they-go” through the trainings. Continue at your own pace, as long as you like. Review training video modules anytime – 24/7. You can leave the group at any time before your next month is due …

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