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Then look no further. For more than two decades I have been investing and learning what works, and I’ve put it together for you here in these extended video trainings where you get to actually “see” what goes on and how to do it.

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☟    COURSE INDEX    ☟

    * Over 120+ High-Quality Training Videos *

    BASICS LEVEL – Bronze


    1) Real Estate Investing – “Quick Start”
    2) Think Like an Entrepreneur
    3) What Type of Real Estate Investing is Right for You?
    4) Learning the Process
    5) Goal Setting for Success!
    6) Master Influence & Rapport
    7) Learning the Paperwork
    8) Real Estate Business Structures
    9) Setting Up Your Real Estate Business
    10) Evaluating a Market
    12) Creating a Marketing Campaign
    13) Finding Truly Motivated Sellers
    14) Marketing for Motivated Sellers
    15) Cash Buyers List
    16) Money Sources
    17) Private Funding
    18) Wholesaling Properties
    19) Dealing with Sellers
    20) Part 1: Vacant Homes
    21) Part 2: Vacant Homes



    22) Automating Your Business
    23) Wholetailing
    24) Fixer-Uppers / Rehabbing
    25) Lease / Options
    26) Small Multi-Units
    27) Mobile Homes
    28) Virtual Investing
    29) Selling your Properties
    30) Working with Realtors
    31) Creating Cash Flow
    32) Massive Cash Flow
    33) Foreclosures, Pt. 1
    34) Foreclosures, Pt. 2
    35) Foreclosures, Pt. 3
    36) Subject-To’s and Creative Financing
    37) Land Trust
    38) Over-Leveraged Properties
    39) Buying Discounted Mortgage Notes
    40) Tax Sales



    41) Hard Core Negotiations™
    42) Advanced Funding Strategies
    43) Luxury Homes – Buying High End
    44) Large Multi-Unit Properties
    45) Mobile Home Parks – Cash Flow
    46) Commercial Properties – Malls +
    47) REO Bank Owned Properties In Bulk

    Orange = MindSet    |    Blue = Business Setup    |    Fushcia = Marketing    |    Purple = Funding    |    Green = Money-Making    


    * Over 120+ High-Quality Training Videos *


MC - Online Trainings - Basics

Real Estate Investor Training – BASICS LEVEL!

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