Real Estate Investor Training – Basics eBook

Have you been wanting to learn about real estate investing and how to get started, but just couldn’t swing a high priced fancy dancy training program? Well now is your chance to get my Gold Level Coaching Program Manual (the actual one I used when I did One-on-One Coaching) … for a fraction of the cost.

With 197-Pages Jam-Packed full of Quality information, you will learn …

  • Where to find the Deals and what to say to the Owners to get them to want to work with you.
  • What it Really takes to be Successful and how you can learn it too! (It’s not nearly as difficult as you might think.)
  • Wholesaling, Foreclosures, Vacants, Rehabs, Rental Properties plus more …
  • How to find the Funding for your Deals even in this tough Economy where Banks are not lending.
  • Why RIGHT NOW! is the best time to get into the Market, regardless of what your friends might say!
  • You’ll get REAL info, not some teaser to buy something else! There are no sales ads or pitches.

It’s time take Action and stop struggling with money. Join those of us out there who making serious money in this business despite the bad economy.  It’s not a fantasy, it’s real. I’m offering my Exclusive Coaching Manual to everyone who wants it on eBook at a Super Ridiculously low price to help out and give back. This is the same one that I use in my One-on-One Coaching Programs for my beginning students.  It’s been updated and is jam-packed with information.


197-Pages Filled with Information that YOU need to get started as a Real Estate Investor …

This manual is not some upsell tease that just gives you a little bit of info and then leaves you hanging.  I explain the basics and how to find and work with home sellers so that you can get out there and start making money, and you know what …

I’M PRACTICALLY GIVING IT AWAY!  Seriously.  People pay me thousands (and tens of thousands) for my Coaching Programs.  This manual is worth far more than what I’m charging for it, but I’m letting it go at the discount as my Gift to You, I’m putting it in your hands so you can check it out and tell me what you think of it.

This Manual WILL teach you how to get going in Real Estate Investing, and I’m letting you have it if you act right now and get it before it’s gone. I can’t offer this for very long at this price.

For just $14.95 … that’s it!  No catch, no gimmick, no gotcha.  I know that’s ridiculously low, but I want to get it in people’s hands before I roll it out for much more and all I ask is that you report back to me on how it was, what you liked, what I should change (if anything).

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Disclaimer:  This manual is provided for educational and instructional purposes only to teach you the ins-and-outs of real estate investing.  There is no guarantee that you will make any money with the information contained within.  Real Estate Investing is a good business that takes work.  Your results may vary.